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When you give to Build A School 100% of your donation goes directly to ongoing construction projects that will grow and expand the impact of Divine

We have big prayers, big dreams and big goals for our school! These goals include buildings, facilities and playgrounds to serve the needs of Divine  Consumer's  Cooperative  Society (DCCS) Ltd. and the whole community. 

When you give to Build A School (named Bandhon Ideal School) you are giving to ongoing construction projects that will grow and expand the impact of DCCS Ltd.

Due to economic challenges of the region, many facilities do not meet the standards we are accustomed to in many parts of the world. Our desire at Micro Fundraisers is to help build school buildings that exceed building standards of the region so that these building will last for generations to come.

The following list is our current construction projects as of June 2019:

Approx. $ 2,490.00 – Complete Primary School Land Development Project (#1 Priority)

Approx. $ 5,490.00 – Complete Primary School Bathrooms Project (#2 Priority)
Approx. $ 4,490.00 – Finish 3rd Grade Classroom (#3 Priority)
Approx. $ 3,490.00 – Complete School Fencing and Gates
Approx. $ 2,490.00 – Finish/Equip the Kitchen (#5 Priority)

Approx. $ 1,890.00 –   Complete gutters and meeting area expansion
Approx. $ 2,315.00 –   Equip 4th Grade Classroom
Approx. $ 2,990.00 – Complete construction of 5th/6th Grade Building
Approx. $ 6,990.00 – Finish/Equip the Library
Approx. $ 3,000.00 –   Preschool Play Ground Shade
Approx. $ 5,700.00 – Build the road to the school
Approx. $ 5,000.00 – Gym/Court Construction
Approx. $ 8,000.00 – Complete School electricity stabilization project
Approx. $ 2,000.00 – Purchase land to build businesses to support the school and create jobs
Approx. $ 5,000.00 – Build business building for supplies/uniform businesses

When you give contribution to Build a School, your one time donation with go specifically to the construction projects happening at DCCS. We will prioritize your funds to the project that is currently under construction at the time that needs funding.

100% of the donated funds will be applied to the construction projects for both materials and coordination of labor through in-country missionaries. We ensure that your donations are spent appropriately and local labor is negotiated in a way that ensures fairness in all cost associated with the construction projects.

MICRO FUNDRAISERS is a completely volunteer run organization, therefore 100% of all donations go directly to DCCS School Project, overseen by Kanika Rani Sarker, and our board of directors. Please contact Kanika Rani Sarker at for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for joining us to together MICRO FUNDRAISERS!

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When you give to Build A School, 100% of your donation goes directly to construction projects.

Rangpur sadar, Rangpur.

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